True North

Having worked for large corporate businesses for in excess of 10 years; when I say large I mean like in excess of 40 billion turnover a year, you get to see that generally there is something fundamental missing and it is the title of the blog, their 'True North'. In short, it’s that bit that says 'why are we here?' or 'why do we matter as a business?' or 'what are we doing to make the world a slightly better place?'

In lieu of really answering these questions they end up with mission statements like 'to create shareholder value' or 'to be a fast growing, dynamic company' – (I hope you were as queasy reading those last two statements as I was writing them!). We spend longer at work than we do with our friends and families, therefore after you’ve covered off the basics like being able to pay the rent or mortgage, pay some bills and survive, it’s only natural that you are going to start to strive for some real purpose to what you are doing.

Have you ever heard of Blake Mycoskie? No, well me neither until I realised he was the guy that set up the business TOMS, the shoes His company donates a pair of shoes to children in need for every pair purchased. So far 10 million pairs of shoes have been given and there is no sign of that slowing. When reading his book 'Start something that matters' he explains very simply that the reason to start something that matters is that it is the easiest way to get people to join your cause, people feel like they belong to something and we need that. When you think about it it makes sense, who really cares if a business fails apart from the people who will lose their jobs? The harsh reality is for most businesses the answer to that question is absolutely no one.

What we learn from the above is we need to find our real why, our true north because when we do organisations have a renewed sense of purpose, their customers tell their story for them because what you are doing truly matters to them.

So Beaumont Square is our attempt at starting something that matters, and at being a part of something more than 'delivering shareholder value'. We want to work with, represent and retail brands that will benefit from all the good stuff that working large corporate organisations for in excess of 30 years combined has given us.

Our purpose is to work with the best products and talent conceived in the UK only, to promote them in ways that compete with the tools and expertise available to national retailers and to connect amazing small to medium niche businesses based in homes, high streets and industrial estates with the consumers across the country that find it difficult to find these amazing products. What we want to create at Beaumont Square if for both our suppliers and customers to feel belonging, a sense of purpose and a sense that we are all in it together.



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